Friday, October 30, 2009

Bendakaya Vankaya Tomato Chutney (Okra+Egg Plant+Tomato)

Yes, you saw that right! :-)
When I first heard of this chutney from my mil, I was like... you must be kidding. But once I tasted it, I got hooked. Now its my all time favourite. This combination as weird as it sounds, contrary to its name tastes delicious. However, I am sure my mother in law prepares this better than me. :))

Okay, is the recipe.

1. 5 Bhindi's (okra, bendakaya)
2. half a long brinjal(egg plant, vankaya)
3. 3 ripe tomatoes
4. Amla sized tamarind ball
5. 10 Green chillies
6. Tadka- 1 spoon each of urad dal, chana dal, mustard. Few fenugreek seeds, pinch of hing, 3 red chillies.
7. Oil 3 spoons.

Firstly fry all the tadaka spices and keep aside and put the tamarind along with the spices (the heat of the oil will soften it).
Chop and fry Bendakaya pieces in a single layer, the point being they have to get fried and not cooked. Keep aside.

Now fry Vankai, keep aside.
Now tomatoes go in keep them all aside.

Now get to the blender and let it do its work. First tadaka goes in, then tamarind, fried bendakaya, then vankaya, tomato and last parsley. Salt it well.

Our meal today: Rice, ghee, Bhendi+Vankaya+Tomato chutney, Vadiyallu.


  1. Never ever heard of this ! I bet its yummy, cant wait to try :)

  2. This is one chutney that pranav is a big fan of. I am sure you will like it too.

  3. Hmm..I should try for Arjun, but reducing the green chillies :)