Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tomato Kothimera pappu, Tomato+Dhania dal, Tomato+Parsley dal

I call this Tomato and Kothimera pappu cause adding a bunch of parsely enhances the flavor of tomato so much that you have to try it to know it.
Its my sister's ultimately favorite dal. If you eat it piping hot with rice and few crunchies aside..then you will become a big fan of this dal yourself.

1. 6 ripe tomatoes, really ripe ripe.
2. bunch of fresh parsely chopped, 6 green chillies, amla sized tamarind.
3. 1/2 cup of toor dal. Pressure cooked or on stove top to fine paste.
4. Tadka- 1 spoon each of urad dal, mustard, pinch of hing,2 red chillies, few seeds fenugreek.
5. 3 spoons of oil and salt to taste.

Take a non stick pot, add oil and all tadka ingredients. Let them brown, add chopped tomatoes, sliced green chillies,parsley(kothimera), pinch of turmeric and salt. Put the lid and let them cook.

Once cooked soft, add pulp of tamarind. Let them cook in tamarind pulp for some more time. Say 5 mins. Add little water. Add cooked dal, mix well and salt enough. Leave for 20 mins. Dal should get cooked in tamarind pulp and tomato juice.
Keep adding little water if its too thick.

Add more parsely as garnish and serve hot with hot rice and ghee.